wide range of marble tables and wooden dining chairs on display at expo

by:BoomDear Wood     2020-01-08
Matching the elegant natural marble dining table with wooden chairs not only adds to the rustic atmosphere, but also highlights the bold design.
Casarano will launch two new products to showcase its natural marble tables and acacia wood dining chairs from Inner Mongolia in the perfect liv\'17 home and lifestyle exhibition.
The exhibition will be held at the Sultan Ahmed Shah International Convention Center (SASICC)
From 7 to 10.
Y, general manager of marketing Co. , Ltd. F.
Chu said the new Inner Mongolia marble table adds an exotic and elegant feel to the house.
\"Marble comes from quarries in Inner Mongolia and is darker in color compared to other marble tables.
\"The marble table is unique --of-its-
\"Good features, but marble from Inner Mongolia has unique textures and patterns,\" he said . \" The series also comes with a metal base for the table, he added.
The price starts at RM1, 999, and the customer can choose the size of the marble table ranging from 5ft to 10ft.
Matching the marble table to the Acacia dining chair can be a concept that homeowners want to explore as the brand is also good --
It is famous for its collection of furniture.
\"The acacia wood has a smooth surface and a finer texture compared to the rubber wood.
There are three types of cushions to choose from for the chair, which gives homeowners more options to complement their house design and layout, \"Chiu said.
There are 10 stalls in the exhibition, and other marble tables, fabric sofas and coffee tables will also be displayed one after another. The custom-
Homemade sofa with unique ecology
Friendly fabric is a material certified by SGS, a leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, and is formaldehyde-
Free for people with kids as it has dirt, stains and water
Mosquito repellent function.
This fabric is also used in the brand\'s armchairs.
Visitors can also get natural marble coffee tables and coffee tables with RM699 and RM299 respectively, and purchase promotions for any restaurant or sofa.
At the show, 500 registered visitors will receive a free limited edition of the perfect bottle of the beverage, the product.
Free admission from eleven o\'clock A. M. to ten o\'clock P. M.
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