Who are stable long-term partners to BOOM DEER?
NINGBO BOOM DEER CO.,LTD. has two very important long-term partners. They ensure the efficient operation of our supply chain. One is our raw materials suppliers. The long-term cooperation with our raw material supplier ensures the timely supply and consistent quality of all of our raw materials, without which, it will cause delivery delay or production halt. Another is our logistics partners. To ensure customers in every part of the world be able to receive our products and receive them on-time and securely, we have built an efficient distribution system by establishing long-lasting partnerships with several logistics companies. Together with these two parties, we are able to deliver high-quality products, shorter lead time, and on-time delivery.

Currently, BOOM DEER is generally regarded as an expert in R&D, design, manufacturing, and marketing of high-end solid wood furniture in the domestic market. The Tables is one of the main products of BOOM DEER. This product has high quality and stable functionality. Its shape and color can be customized to clients' tastes. high-end solid wood furniture developed by BOOM DEER might could revolutionize San Diego Series industry. It reveals the beauty of wood nature and texture originality.

BoomDear Wood always adheres to the goal of becoming a inexpensive living room furniture manufacturer. Get price!
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