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Studio Costello, 315 East 91 Street, New YorkY. 10128; (212)410-2083.
Lush is a leather craftsman who describes parchment paper as a thin and transparent cream.
Colored leather made of dry sheepskin, not sunburned.
\"I like the fact that every piece is different,\" she said . \"
Costello works with exotic leather such as parchment and parchment, a shiny granular leather made of stingray, dog fish or sharks. Ms.
Costello often makes custom home accessories by hand, such as waste paper baskets, lampshades, desktops and screens
Make tools with gold leaves.
She can also cover the walls with parchment paper.
Parchment paper, which has been used since the Bible era, has been in and out of fashion for years.
In 1920s and 1930s, French interior designer Jean-
Michelle Frank decorated the walls and screens in an art-deco room.
\"It\'s very durable . \"Costello said.
\"In a natural state, you can erase the marks of the pencil on it.
\"When it\'s painted, it can even cover the walls of the bathroom,\" she said. Advertising Lady
Costello prefers the expensive shagreen that can be dyed because it is the key leather on accessories such as photo frames and jewelry boxes. Advertising Lady
The price of parchment in Costello is $55 per square foot, and the price of shagreen is $150 per square foot.
Prices include leather and Labor.
315 East 91 Street, New York, Robert batik StudiosY. 10128; (212)369-1217.
\"The restoration work can be carried out so far,\" said Robert falutiko, a leather craftsman who has worked in new and antique upholstery leather for more than 30 years.
Still, a good leather chair or sofa can be cleaned, repaired and used again. Mr.
Falotico learned the leather trade from his father, who can remove the oil stains left by the skin and hair, clean the powder stains, and dye the color changing area into the original tone of the leather.
If the leather sofa or desktop cannot be repaired, Sir
Falotico can usually make a new one that makes the leather look very old. Mr.
Falotico also made tool leather table top and fake book binding, gold leather Thorn
Hide the tool Title seen on the cabinet of the video device. Mr.
Falotico charges $75 per hour plus materials.
214 West 29 Street, Unit 403, New York, NY Roberts leather studioY. 10001; (212)736-3717.
23 years interior decoration leather artisan Carlos Echegaray can clean and repair antique leather items including chairs and sofas.
\"The old leather looks very beautiful,\" he said . \"
But most of his work is made of leather table tops made of cowhide. Mr.
Stretch leather by Echegaray and add gold
Tool border with 500-year-
The old process of mixing heat, gold leaves and Hot Wheels together.
There are a variety of boundary patterns to choose from, sir.
Echegaray usually suggests something related to the table cycle.
48-stretch, tool and leatherby-24-
$400 to $500 inch table. Mr.
Echegaray accepts mail orders for leather desktops.
He also made leather backgammon boards.
A version of this article was printed on page C00002 of the National edition on August 8, 1991, with the title: where can it be found;
Leather accessories.
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