What are main products for BOOM DEER to export?
NINGBO BOOM DEER CO.,LTD. mainly exports affordable furniture stores to overseas markets, not only because it is where our specialty and experience are but also because it is the product that is in higher demand by overseas customers and we, of course, manufacture the product to the highest international standards to reach the market requirements. We have got the related business license and have been entitled to import and export rights, which are necessary for every qualified Chinese exporter.

Since the establishment, BOOM DEER has manufactured a collection of quality natural wood furniture. We are recognized as a renowned company in China. The Home collocation is one of the main products of BOOM DEER. BoomDear Wood kitchen wall display cabinet has passed the China Compulsory Certification(CCC) Test. The R&D team always attach great importance to consumers' safety and national security by providing qualified products. The product is distinguished by its strong carrying capacity. All our sales staff are all well-experienced and know much about the market of Seating. The formaldehyde content is controlled far below the environmental protection standards.

With the support of our professionals, BoomDear Wood has enough confidence to make bedroom furniture. Please contact us!
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