well it beats chucking them in a canal! designer gives new life to discarded shopping trolleys by turning them into chairs, sofas and even thrones

by:BoomDear Wood     2019-12-30
A Dutch designer is transforming abandoned shopping carts into stylish furniture, including sofas, chairs, throne, recliner chairs, and even child seats.
Etienne Reijnders, 35, from Dutch radar, turned abandoned carts into luxury furniture by sawing, cutting, folding, forging and welding carts.
He spent most of three weeks creating one.
The seat sofa in the trolley.
He said that the first chair I made was made with a trolley and the wheel was cut off.
\"A lot of discarded shopping carts were found in the river and I like to give them a second chance.
For me, the shopping cart has very powerful features in our lives and it deserves some respect, so when they are no longer shopping carts, I try to bring them into a loving family.
It\'s important to think about what we throw away and how we can reuse our trash.
\"The carts don\'t need to melt into another product, which will take a lot of effort and I think updating them is one of the cleanest ways to make the furniture.
\"Some of his works have been on display, and others are now in his house.
In the future, he wants to build a full-size table and even plan to build a cabinet.
He said: \"I refuse to build anything just because it\'s quick and easy --
They must be good, beautiful and play a role as furniture.
\"No other materials have been added, they are pure shopping carts.
However, it involves a lot of cutting, bending and welding.
\"It\'s easy to adjust the cart so you can sit inside and everyone can do that, but it\'s hard to make a chair with them because they need to have a certain height and a certain angle, so they can sit well.
If I make a chair, it needs to be as good as a chair, not as good as before.
\"People really like to see them because they recognize them instantly.
Mr. Reijnders\'s work has been on display throughout Europe, adding: \"I have built something as long as I remember it.
As a child, I used to build carts and tree houses, and when I was a teenager, I started building my own guitar.
\"I like to be challenged and I hope that in the near future, when people crash their cars, boats and even planes, they will contact me and hope that it is furniture now.
The great thing is that many items have great stories for some people, but if I give these items a new feature, the stories will still be saved.
Although items like shopping carts don\'t have so many personal stories, it is touched by hundreds of people every day.
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