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How many rooms do you have?
This has been a census problem in the UK since 1871.
But what does the number and type of rooms say about the evolution of houses over the centuries?
In the Middle Ages, many Europeans cook, eat, sleep and socialize in a large room.
By the beginning of the 21 st century, British families had an average of five housing units.
According to the 2001 census, there are 34 guest rooms in total.
When analyzing the 2011 UK census form, it will become clear whether this is up or down.
Centuries ago, no one but the rich could have a kitchen, a living room, or a bedroom.
There is a central fireplace that warms and cooks food, with straw-
Filled tray placed on the floor to sleep.
The walls are erected over time, dividing the house into specialized areas
The development of the new room is partly due to technology and also to our changing attitude towards privacy, cleanliness and class.
Today, again under the walls.
Central heating and pumping means we no longer need walls to keep the heat and smell of cooking.
A guest room is about to go extinct, or at least can\'t be distinguished, says Lucy Worsley, curator of the historic royal palace --
Living room.
\"We have gone through the height of the proliferation and specialization of Victorian rooms: billiard room, morning room, party, research.
This is a space that is no longer affordable.
\"The current trend is like returning to medieval life.
I live in an open air.
There is a plane of central space.
I use it to cook, eat, watch TV
Fire storytelling in the modern sense
The guest slept on my sofa.
\"While the design of some homes is open --plan -
Or do that. in many new-
According to a study by Mike Roys of BRE, there are more but smaller rooms in the building (
Building Research institutions).
\"There may be more rooms for the new property --
\"Suite, cloakroom, study, utility,\" he said . \".
The nobles had a living room during Tudor.
Middle-income people began to own them in the 17 th century, and in the 18 th century everyone was eager to have a room that was purely for the best.
The concept of taste has arrived.
The visit to the magnificent house began, with architects such as Robert Adam launching a lavish catalogue of clocks and ceiling roses for the mass market.
\"The living room only develops when people have cash to splurge, which is a leisure time to invest in space,\" Worsley said . \".
\"It\'s like a stage where life is performed for the benefit of tourists.
\"Even in Victorian workers\' Villas, residents add color to the decor, such as edges, net curtains and ceramic cage pants --
They cook, eat, work and socialize in one room.
\"You\'ll see the neighbors in the living room keep up a lot, whether it\'s through the soft furniture of 1600 or the new way of heating and lighting --
Gas and electricity
The trend of the 19 th century, or today\'s gadgets.
Roys said: \"The average living room area has been declining since 1975 as builders have cut space to make room for families
Suite bathroom, function room and study room.
\"All of these are extra rooms as we were told this was what people wanted in a modern, independent property.
\"Used to be public and the bedroom is private today.
\"In the Middle Ages, your main concern was warmth and safety, so it was a pleasure to be with others.
\"Since then, we have seen the trend of privacy, which begins with the rise of reading,\" Worsley said . \".
\"In the Tudor-style house, we have some interesting little rooms called closets in the bedroom for prayer, reading and looking for loneliness.
\"The closet disappeared in the house of England, but it crossed the Atlantic Ocean with the Pilgrim\'s father.
Today, there are still closets in American houses.
Private room for valuables.
In Sex and the city, Kylie puts her shoes in the closet with hope and dreams.
This is a very Tudor style thing.
\"The kitchen was once purely functional and has now become a social space.
In the Middle Ages, it was the central fireplace of the family.
\"Then, in the 17 th century, you will get a new concept of disgust,\" Worsley said . \".
\"Once the food is slightly left, people start to scoffing at certain foods and smells.
So the kitchen is away from the living area to keep the smell of cooking away from the diners nose.
The big Georgian house has space to turn the kitchen into a separate wing.
In the Victorian city, there was a lot of space and the kitchen was pushed down in the dirty basement.
\"It returned to home space in the 20 th century.
\"The Invention of the exhaust fan is very important, it makes the kitchen and dining room a place where the air is fresh,\" Worsley said . \".
\"1980 of people saw the rise of gourmets --
People who like food and cooking, find the taste of bread baking or chicken baking, which is a large part of the home.
\"There is no point in the kitchen for others --
This is a place to eat the takeout you ordered online.
It has become another place to show off.
\"The youngest room in the House, in the past 100, it has only become a separate room.
\"People used to not think it was a private thing to go to the toilet.
In 17th-century London, Samuel Pethers has a \"closed porch \"--a velvet-
The covered seat on the pot in your room-
He is very proud.
\"He put his room in the living room,\" Worsley said . \".
The Hampton Court, built in Tudor times, has a public toilet called the Big House of easements, and 14 people can relax themselves at the same time.
\"It\'s not technology that determines the rhythm --
\"Flush toilets were invented by the Elizabethan era, but it hasn\'t really been popular for centuries,\" Worsley said . \".
Part of the reason is the cheap labor.
When a servant can take the pot of your full room, why should lead in the water?
Our attitude towards cleanliness has also changed over time.
There were fears that bathing would allow bacteria to enter the skin;
Victorian people are dissatisfied with the baths and think they are corrupt.
\"Thanks to Hollywood, in the 1920 s, when people saw movie stars drinking cocktails and making phone calls in the bubble bath, it really became positive to roll in the tub,\" Worsley said . \".
Since then, this set the tone for the desire for the bathroom.
\"Today, the bathroom has the quality of the closet.
People meditate in the bathtub.
This is a room in the house with a lock on the door.
A room where you can have a lonely moment without being disturbed by other family members.
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