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It sounds like an impossible task: Transforming a typical summer rental house for $300.
Designers Bob Patino and Vincent Wolf were asked: what can they do?
Anyone can do it.
If it\'s just temporary, personalize the house with existing furniture?
They will have to use more talent than cash, as summer leases already mean huge spending for most people.
Not once, but twice?
Another designer, Chuck Winslow, faces the same problem, as the other rental house is a small farmhouse in Clinton, New York. J.
As shown in the front and back photos of the two houses, the conversion in both cases is very spectacular, but it is very simple to perform.
The first project shown on this page started with a overturned Victorian house located on the streets of Bridgehampton, Los AngelesI.
Most of the furniture in the house is colonial-
Wooden frame sofa with tables and chairs in living room and dining room.
In the upstairs bedroom, there was a pile of boxes, tables and chairs, all of which were abandoned by the owner. (
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Living room: 4 plastic Parsons tables, E. J.
Korvette $201 linen carpet, Azuma 254 beach chair, shelter, advertising Lexington at 1354 bamboo blinds on 81 th Street.
Azuma 252 paper umbrella, Azuma 81 paper ball lamp 86 yards, canvas, advertising.
Baker\'s, 130 Duck Street.
New York 243 pillow, 24 bedroom Azuma: 20 yard cheese cloth
Beckenstein\'s $101 linen carpet, Azuma\'s 24 sheets, pillowcases and dust folds on the bed are for the tenant, and the pattern of the sheets is Lord and Taylor Field Crest\"
$24 (kitchen: 1 straw carpet, Azuma)
Baskets and tablecloths were found in the kitchen cabinets. )
Total: $327 AFTER.
A few yards of burlap provides a canopy for the bed, and the room is full of romance. AFTER.
Printed pillows, plants and decorations in white canvas and wood modernize the dullness of Viclorian\'s living room.
In the kitchen on the left, there are baskets and plaid tablecloths on the wall, making it bright and pleasant.
The second project is an instant makeover of a small and charming country house located in the New Jersey Forest near Clinton, which is headed by interior designer Chuck Winslow.
Same as the previous picture (above)
Display, at least furniture can be used.
Two grass chairs sit on the floor of the living room, in old storm windows and paint buckets (
The owner generously painted the house that spring).
There is only one old oak table and four farmhouse chairs in the kitchen.
The bedroom is a small and comfortable Gable room upstairs, completely empty.
The room was not empty for a long time.
There are two matching cotton dhurrie carpets on the wide board floor of the living room.
The designer then added a Patino and Wolf to the living room to peel it out of the must-be-obvious eyeshadow --
Tacky curtains, orange carpet
Leave the colonial chair.
The room looks good.
Next, they hung bamboo tones on each bay window and covered the floor with a sword and hemp carpet.
Three striped beach chairs, two thick plants and four white plastic Parsons tables.
As the last boom in the plan for the living room, the sofa was magically changed by the \"instant\" slider.
The designers took some 1 inchwide natural canvas fabric, stuffed it in the appropriate position, and tied it tightly with a hemp rope (
From the local hardware store)
On the arm, top and back.
The advertisement for the upstairs bedroom was then processed.
The windows have pale pink walls and the curtains of the cafe, and the bed is covered with snow Neil.
A quick reconnaissance tour found a wicker table, a Windsor chair painted with white patterns, and a small oval marble desk Victorian table on the bed.
White nylon fold curtains (
Variety of shops)
A small report was made on the window of the restaurant downstairs and hung back in the bedroom.
Here\'s a little magic.
The designers spread 20 yards of cheese cloth on the ceiling with double-sided tape, making a bedspread.
After that, the kitchenette began.
A few baskets hung on the wall, and a red and white board tablecloth hung on the existing workbench.
It took only three hours to make \"instant\"
Old Victorian rental houses are now in style.
He put a stack of cushions in his New York apartment as an extra seat.
The books stacked on the floor turned into tables by the side of the chair, and a little wild paper lamp provided light.
@ There are two frame posters hanging on the wall, for eye-catching decoration, the designer covers barren bookshelves on both sides of the fireplace with two largest clay pots, and huge rhubarb leaves cut from the backyard.
The Cat in the kitchen only needs some decorative decoration.
The designer suggests buying a new set of Chinese appetizers instead of matching dishes using a mixed package from the owner.
A plate with spots (
It is only a few seconds away from the Stanger pottery in the nearby Fleming. J. )
Line up on the existing slab at the edge of the dining area.
The new mat for the old chair is made by wrapping the old towel with a rustic printed fabric made from New York. The best room—
The most fascinating scheme
Last saved.
This is a redo of the little bedroom upstairs with a gable.
The owner of the house donated a set of springs and mattresses. Mr.
Winslow covered it with his mother\'s patchwork quilt.
Beside the bed, he placed a white round plastic table with a bouquet of flowers picked from the yard.
There is also a paper lamp on the field.
In addition, the 64-inch wide paper umbrella instead of the headboard is an important focus of this simple solution.
For just over $300 in three hours, it\'s a summer rental anyone can enjoy.
Living room: frame poster (over fireplace), B.
34 Main Street. , Clinton, N. J.
Noguchi lights, B $60
No frame poster, B.
Sola 15 2 carpet, 11 East 55 Street.
There are 30 native cotton plants and 38 restaurants in the kitchen: dishes, Stangl pottery, Fleming N. J.
Poster without frame $20
Bedroom 12, 146 East 56 Street: paper umbrella, B.
Lexington shelter on 81 Street.
Noguchi light, B.
The file for the Coveny 23 TOTAL: $ 324A version was printed on page 231 of the New York edition on May 22, 1977 with the title: summer rental redo.
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