sofar chennai puts musicians in a swimming pool

by:BoomDear Wood     2019-12-29
What are music lovers and loud Hawaiian shirts?
Last weekend, many people in Chennai city were notified in advance, wearing the brightest shirts they had, and heading to the ancient mahabbalpur Road, to the secret (as usual)
It is located at Chennai\'s April performance.
They are not available with floral and animal patterns, multi-colored patchwork, etc.
But not just the dress code.
This stands out in the latest edition of the popular but secret indie music event.
There are also venues.
That night, along the OMR, along the short slope of Chennai Novotel, enter the elevator leading to the pool on the second floor and go to the customer.
Then they all climbed into the swimming pool.
Yes: Invitation-
To date, performances limited to the living room, office, car showroom and gym are now expanded to an empty --
Outside the pool.
\"We \'ve been looking for interesting spaces, from furniture shops, garages, to the living room, that would be great privacy, so they told us when we talked to Novotel, only the pool was empty this weekend so it was by accident and we jumped to the deepest level (pun intended).
The quirky and fun venue really gives us the chance to challenge the real \"show space \"!
So far, Prashanth Oliver, the organizer of Chennai, said.
Setting things up there is only a little harder than setting up any other performance venue.
\"For all of our voices, in different spaces, mostly power outlets, there is usually hiccups.
So Once sorted, it\'s just to lift in and out of the device and set up the lights.
We visited the venue before the show, had a look and were ready.
So when others hang their feet above them and sit on the hollow edge, people lean on one end of the blue tile.
All the heads turned to one end of the pool where the cursive and fairy lights spelled \"soft\" with cursive \".
This is the squad tonight.
Two hours before the show, Mr. Jatayu and Junkyard Groove also announced
Install their equipment.
One of the best parts of the hollow space is the breeze, which decides to stay for a while once it enters.
With the calm of the wind, the mood and the sound without sound also disappeared
Absorb the curtains or cushions to block its way.
But it also affects sound feedback and makes the venue more challenging for musicians.
As Akshay Ganesh, the violinist of the Jatayu band, explains, \"in any performance venue, you will look for specific materials to absorb the sound.
This one has nothing.
This makes percussion very prominent. . .
It rings more than anything else, so we have to adjust accordingly.
\"I had to wear earplugs,\" he added with a smile . \".
But no performer is complaining.
In fact, one of them recalled two times he had played in the pool before.
\"One is in an empty pool in Chennai and the other is at the party of Goa Harley motorcyclists.
At the end of both, the pool was packed with everyone and let them jump into the water.
We just put our equipment aside first, \"added Ameeth Thomas of the dump Groove with a smile.
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