sofa hotel & residences, istanbul: full review

by:BoomDear Wood     2020-01-04
Thanks to cheap flights from the UK, the lively bars and boutique hotels in Istanbul are one step closer to our greedy claws, making this metropolis one of Europe\'s sexiest new cities --
Rest destination.
Well, Turkey is not the EU, but part of the reason that makes this country so special is that it has crossed Europe and Asia and created a strange and wonderful Friesen.
We have to say that our first attempt to enter the Turkish party capital was tarnished by the beginning of our terrible early morning. The low-
The cost carrier we chose obviously didn\'t take any care of my beauty sleep, and when a 06h15 flight needed me to get up from my bed in London, I usually spend the night on the tiles.
Nevertheless, arriving in Islamabad at lunch time is an additional benefit --
We can go to the hotel and enjoy the fresh food.
Before we start our reporting tour of big websites.
The largest city in Turkey, which has been the intersection of East and West for centuries, was once Constantine of Ottoman, before ancient Byzantine.
There are no more historical cities than this.
But when we were walking around by taxi, my impression of Istanbul was a new city, like Sydney, which embraced modernization and went to hell --for-
Leather tries to show the rest of the world how cool it is.
And it was successful.
You know, when the tide of Harvey Nichols enters town, the power to be given the status of \"Cool City (
Opened in October 2006 at the Kenyon Mall in Levant).
You may have read the endless description of the city\'s rooftop bars and clubs that cling to the waters of the Bosphorus Strait, packed with stylish, international clients.
With one or two exceptions, the main lack is a very trendy boutique hotel that serves smart travelers (
By the way, that\'s you).
People may arrive by easyJet, but when the hipster weekend people land, we want to do the job in a smart sleep place.
The sofa hotel is such a place.
In the middle of the trendy nistasi neighborhood, in chi-
Few shops and restaurants-than-
Its simple, sexy skin-chic interior.
Designed by the famous Turkish architect Sinan Kafadar, this sofa is well received.
You can often go to a \"design\" hotel and forget which city you are in.
This sofa subtly reminds you that you are in Islamabad and do not restrict you with Ottoman styling.
From the moment you walked into the sofa Hall, we heard the first chain --
But don\'t let the terrible \"c\" scare you away
Its contemporary simplicity and warmth.
Art is the core of the overall spirit of the hotel.
It is planned to open a rooftop art space in 2007, dedicated to hosting the works of famous local contemporary artists, a timely addition as contemporary art is the buzzword of the city --
In particular, the city\'s most popular cultural institution, modern, has recently been launched \". (
In a waterside warehouse on the shore of the Bosphorus, this long-term-
The upcoming project is planned by the Queen of this scene, Oya eczbabasi, a member of Turkey\'s most elite family. )
Sofa hotels and apartments, Istanbul: overview we barely arrived before we stumbled upon many artistic touches, including the Patika bookstore, which is stacked with precious historical books about the city.
We found it difficult to drag ourselves out of the comfortable chair on the lobby cafe sofa, so we let ourselves be taken upstairs to see our room.
We walked into the elevator and a glass wall showed a black and white artwork that lit up the wall, and when we shot the shaft up, it did crazy things to our eyes.
It\'s a bit like a zebra flying through.
There\'s nothing worse than staying in the sealed air.
Conditional prisons, especially if you have a regrettable nicotine habit.
I immediately started myself at the window, grabbed it with my hand to see if it opened all the way (My crush on hotels. It did. Drama over.
The shower in our bathroom was big enough to sway a few cats, a fresh businessup.
Other styles I like include the \"sofa selection\" for the best city events of the week, printed on smart paper and placed by the bed.
Book a concert or art exhibition by quickly calling 24-24
One hour service is available at any time.
We couldn\'t help but eat a meal on the long table of the sofa, the long table itself was a destination, and almost stole the show from its mother ship on the design bet.
It was created by local architect Mustafa Toona, using dark wood and leather seats to make it an adult
Upward, sexy atmosphere with a terrace to make the most of the warm summer months.
Unexpectedly, the boss is an adviser to Bill Clinton\'s first campaign, but if you observe how charming his clients are, it may not be surprising.
This is a much less gorgeous crowd than you might find in gorgeous places like Reina or 360-dine-
A dance mix that attracts celebrities.
Here, you can talk to in-the-know locals -
It\'s always a good sign.
Before our stay came to an end, we thought it would be silly not to give a spin to the Poplife spa.
Clearly, strictly in the name of professional research.
Bubbling in the swimming pool of this happy underground place, a treatment to stand in a wind tunnel and rinse down with a very strong flow of water, seems to be the most adventurous.
It was managed by a lady who managed not to allow any expression and she did not seem to see humor even if she attacked my neighborhood.
Make it more interesting in a strange way.
This reminds me of playing in the garden in the hot summer when I was a child and cooling with the hose on the faucet.
Forgot to sell lemonade.
If I knew that people were spending money on this so-called spa, I would probably make a lot of money.
Standard activities.
Back to our room in the very funky green slippers provided, I tried to remember the last time I felt so calm and energetic.
Probably when I was playing in the garden when I was a child.
For me, the sofa ticked every Smith box: it looks good, it feels good, and the most important thing is the thoughtful service.
It can even be said to be a Turkish pleasure. Sorry!
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