seeking the cushy life at the sofa factory

by:BoomDear Wood     2020-01-07
Making a sofa is far from a relaxed life.
This is Sean Lynch and Steven Gerrard Croft\'s experience over the last eight years as they started the sofa factory and are now one of Europe\'s leading manufacturers of quality furniture.
In 1989, the two started a small furniture business with four staff members in a small rental house near Westland Street, Dublin.
Their goal is to develop production contracts, premium furniture for hotels, offices and large residences.
The design was imaginative and the market was there, but their company quickly ran into financial problems.
In the 1990 s, it approached ARST bank commercial services to arrange debt factoring to help it control its working capital needs.
In 1993, when the financial situation improved, the sofa company decided to move the location to the new market Mill Street located on the edge of Kumbe, with a long tradition of furniture restoration and small garment factories.
Despite the lack of funds, the company managed to acquire a half
Abandoned buildings are partly funded by ICC banks and loaned by suppliers eager to sell.
In the past four years, the company has developed steadily and the structure is also very good.
The number of staff increased from 17 in 1994 to the current 52.
Along the way, Lynch and Gerard Croft sought Forbairt\'s support, but they were severely criticized for having too many furniture makers in the industry.
They did not hesitate to stick to it and developed a modern wood processing shop, interior decoration department and fabric cutting department.
The result is 120 chairs and a variety of sofas, from classic leather and Edward style to art deco and modern minimalist design.
The company offers a fascinating range of more than 50,000 fabric covers.
The result was a significant increase in its retail business, which was sold directly to individual customers from the large showroom above Mill Street factory.
Next year, the company plans to open another showroom in the city center.
Retail sales currently account for about 55 PCs of sales.
On the basis of the growth of 48 PCs in 1995, the turnover increased by 28 PCs last year.
Since its inception, working closely with the sofa company is Dublin an Lernihan, who is a partner in Gunne, Lernihan and Dillon chartered accountants, Linson Street, Dublin.
He helped the company overcome early cash.
Mobility difficulties and advice on the most appropriate internal financial reporting mechanism.
Last week, the founder of the sofa factory won the monthly alst bank business services/Irish independent Enterprise Growth Award.
This is open to any company that is advised to be granted by a member of the Association of Chartered Accountants, who conduct audits and advice on the assigned business.
Evaluate the company according to the company\'s sales ratio
Tax profits and job growth over the past three years.
Each monthly winner is eligible for the prestigious annual awards contest.
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