room divider, wine storage, sideboard, sofa back ... in one.

by:BoomDear Wood     2019-12-05
Partition, wine cabinet, sideboard, sofa back. . .
Built in a sturdy, independent-
As a sideboard, Wine Rack, room partition and sofa back--
Looks great too.
Tucson architect Robert Nevins has made it one of the focus elements of life
Dining space for Alan and Tony lomonenko\'s remodeled house.
There is a step between the living room and the dining room, but the top of the dining room extends to 36 inch behind the partition of the room.
Here, there is a large seat cushion, cushion and pillow on the sofa;
The combined height of the steps and cushions provides a comfortable seat.
The unit works with horizontal changes to separate the two rooms, but their shared volume remains unobstructed.
The corner of the sideboard was cut off;
The diagonal edge expands the entrance to the restaurant, creating a more generous entrance.
Three edges at the top of the Fir decorative sideboard and a vertical edge on one side of the restaurant;
Most other surfaces are covered with plastic laminate. Three black-
The hard panel door of the paint face is divided into two pairs of grooves to hide the glassware, tablecloth and bottle storage shelves.
Run along the square
Cornered end and bottom of unit, fir-
The small room in the frame creates an L-
Shape storage box for two boxes of wine.
Photo: there is a bottle rack on both sides of the dining room sideboard.
The frame around the three black sliding doors is completed by Fir binding. Photo: a fixed bracket is supported on the back of the sideboard.
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