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by:BoomDear Wood     2020-01-08
You can\'t resist the urge to touch smooth solid wood furniture produced by Korean designer brand Daaz.
Carefully selected natural wood is pieced together, not only furniture, but also products of designers.
This is the Benson Teoh case and Lux Veritas of Ang Meng Yu (M)
Sdn Berhad introduced Korean designer Ray-
Jin, Lin Changshuo, Jin Dongrong, Jin Xiuying.
Teoh says all Daaz furniture uses natural wood such as European ash and rowan trees.
\"The designer selects wood for each masterpiece to produce a perfect combination of wood grain and color.
\"Some works are unique --of-a-
Because of its natural edge, \"he said.
They present a range of furniture such as dining tables, sofas, study tables and coffee tables at the perfect lifestyle 15 Home and Life exhibition.
The exhibition starts today and takes place on November 8 at the Seri Kembangan International Exhibition and Conference Centre, Malaysia.
The company, founded in July, specializes in the retail sector of Daaz solid wood designer furniture, Teoh said.
\"We have established a partnership with Korean designers and started introducing products to Malaysia in October.
\"The trend now is to process furniture with wood.
\"While solid wood furniture has been on the market for quite some time now, it is usually sold as a huge tablet,\" he said . \".
He added that as the company combines the design and concept of solid wood furniture to give it a contemporary, stylish and elegant look, their positioning is one step ahead of the trend.
Visitors can expect to see a variety of furniture designed for the kitchen, living room and study room.
Daaz table made of European rowan tree has a 3D-
The effect occurs when the light shines on it.
It is common for visitors to notice flaws and cracks in furniture, Ang said.
\"It actually adds value to the furniture because it shows it\'s all natural.
\"Visitors will also see butterfly hinges on cracks to get extra support,\" he said . \".
Lux Veritas also launched a non-
Solid wood set with table for four, TV cabinet, sofa and coffee table.
The first batch of 1,000 visitors will leave each day with a limited edition of the perfect lifestyle aluminum beverage bottle.
Business hours are from eleven o\'clock A. M. to nine o\'clock P. M. P. M.
Free admission.
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