katie price gets another new sofa as she continues to try and clean up her mucky mansion

by:BoomDear Wood     2020-01-03
Katie Price bought a new sofa yesterday as she continued to clean up her dirty mansion. The 40-year-old -
People who barely avoided bankruptcy last year
Despite getting a new seat at the beginning of the year, the spacious new seat was excitedly displayed.
She told her fans: \"Look at the beauty. I love it.
Harvey looks at the new sofa ready to watch the projector.
I like watching TV! ”The mum-of-
Then, before trying to get the dog down, five people asked Harvey if he liked it.
Katie has been on a mission to clean up her property in Sussex and she has allowed the property to fall into chaos --
Both inside and outside.
Her latest video shows that there is still a whole bunch of mess in the place, but it looks more organized than in recent months.
In fact, the clips from her recent show \"My Crazy Life\" reveal that the home has almost restored her previous glory-shiny surfaces, new furniture, and clean windows.
The star recently insisted that the interior of her house was amazing and revealed that she plans to tidy up her £ 2 million property when the weather gets better.
She told us: \"I am rarely in my house.
My house is beautiful.
\"Just like those houses, imagine that you see a small door in the street and you think,\" I want to know what it looks like there, you will feel \"wow\" and huge when you go in-this is my house
\"It\'s winter, not even summer-why would I still bother with my garden and pool?
It\'s not summer yet.
\"I want to take a big flag with the middle finger sign. ”Got a story?
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