Is it possible to get a comfy sofa and a good night\'s sleep? Six of the best sofa-beds...

by:BoomDear Wood     2019-12-07
My ten-year-
The old sofa bed for Marks & Spencer was good for me but kind of like a dogeared -
So I recently went back to see if there is still the same model. And it was.
Except that the 10 cm mattress of my old bed was switched to only 6 cm on the current version.
Since I was not willing to spend more on specs that were lower than a decade ago, I started working on alternatives.
First of all, you need to ask questions like what kind of mattress you want.
Pocket springs are generally good, the more springs the better.
Memory foam often divides the sleepers with its lasting impression of the body.
Also, what type of sofa cushion do you want to put on the sofa?
Do you need a more durable one that is fuller every day or doesn\'t need too much attention?
The decision on the sofa is worth it-
Bed mechanism, my preferred option is for the sofa to be turned into a bed in a simple exercise with additional back support with wooden strips.
Sarah Ward, interior designer at Sarah Ward Associates, recommends investing so you can get the exact product you want to ensure the comfort of your guests.
\"The thickness of the mattress and mechanism will determine the overall height of the sofa,\" she said.
A corner will make the product look more generous and luxurious.
Keep in mind that the size of the bed will be determined by the seating area within the armrest of the sofa.
Jude, from £ 1,899. sofaworkshop.
ComSofa Workshop is proud of its customized service.
There\'s a couch-
The design of the bed is optional, but these can be changed according to your requirements
For example, if you want higher weapons, it will build them for you.
Although it can choose the fabric, you can even use your own fabric.
So say you bought some fabric from Laura Ashley and you can ask the couch to cover this material --
As long as it is upholstery fabric and complies with fire regulations.
However, the depth of the cheapest mattress option offered by the Sofa Workshop is only 2. 5cms.
The Sofa Workshop insists that this is a one-off
Sofa for guest use and sofa for daily use
The bed mechanism is 10 cm thick with mattresses and wooden strips.
However, it is not a pocket spring.
6/10 Abbey medium sofa bed, 1,199, www. Marksandspencer
ComHitting Marks & Spencer on Oxford Street during rush hour shopping is always going to be a bad move.
But time was tight and I went to the furniture section at the top of the central London store.
I have a couch for a monastery.
I have been very pleased with Mark\'s bed for the past 10 years --
But it has done a good job and now is the time to replace it.
After choosing a different fabric, I was about to pay when I decided to check the size of the mattress.
Because it is no longer 10 cm, it is only 6 cm, so it is a deal breaker.
A spokesman for M & S said: \"Our monastery sofa collection is our customers\' favorite and we have been selling for more than 15 years.
We have been looking for ways to improve our products, our Abi couches
The bed now has a fully Spring base and a thinner mattress that offers better support and a more comfortable feel.
4/10 store storage sofa-
Bed, £ 1,887, www. willowandhall. co.
When I walked into the amazing showroom of Willow & Hall in Chiswick, I knew about the experience of buying a sofa --
The bed has turned.
An enthusiastic and dynamic showroom assistant began to show me three mattresses, from the 14 cm open spring model with an interconnected spring and pocket spring mattress with a single spring (more suitable for two people) to the memory foam base of 12 cm, this is clearly the most popular choice.
The simple mechanism means that converting to bed is a simple folding movement.
And a choice of mats-
Need to wear hard luxury goods every day or more.
This design also features storage under the recliner, making it the perfect choice for pillows and down comforters.
The order on the website did not go well.
8/10Knap sofa-
Bed, £ 1,795, www. heals.
Heal\'s sofas were amazing so I was disappointed to see that none of them were translated into sofasbeds.
So when their couch
The bed was large, full of cushions and sofas.
The bed has a more modern and angled feel.
For example, the accumulated corner sofa in sofa bed format is not available.
Heal\'s seems to have missed a trick on this and if this product is available it will be at the top of my list.
A spokesman for Heal said: \"Our sofa
Bed has pocket spring mattress with different size depending on style.
They design in Denmark, and the standard sofa-
The bed can be a bed or a sofa. our style is versatile.
For example, a Knap sofa bed can be a sofa, a sofa bed (upper, lower), or a bed.
You can also change the reclining of the seat back between fully upright and gently reclining to use these versatile furniture in many ways.
\'/Month Strange Big Sofa
Bed, £ 1,149, www. johnlewis.
ComJohn Lewis offers alternatives to traditional sofasbed design.
The bed is pulled out from the main unit and a sheet can be placed throughout the area including the recliner unit.
The foam mattress is used occasionally and the chaise end unit provides a storage area.
The mattress is 8 cm deep.
Jo Unsworth, an interior decoration buyer at John Lewis, said customers may not always have extra rooms, so they are increasingly keen to make sure their sofas --
The beds are as beautiful as possible, which is why this model is one of our most popular models. This sofa-
Since the mattress is thick and the bed is particularly comfortable, this is a great choice for customers looking for a sofa
The bed will be used regularly.
It also features an internal storage space that allows bedding to be stored inside, with a variety of sizes and a variety of different fabrics.
Lycksele Lovas Ikea 2-5/10seat sofa-bed, £180, www. ikea.
If you don\'t spend thousands on the couch
Bed with pocket spring mattress and wooden batten you don\'t need to give up looking for a comfortable solution.
This sofa is a choice.
The Ikea bed comes with a 10 cm foam mattress for less than £ 200.
I can recommend this product for those with a smaller budget because I bought it for my first home --
It\'s been replaced by M & S sofas for years.
Bed mentioned above
The lid is removable and has six different colors.
The appearance of the sofa is obviously not as complicated as some other review products, but for those who spend less, this is a good choice.
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