Is BOOM DEER product supply chain complete?
NINGBO BOOM DEER CO.,LTD. is building a supply chain. Our cooperation with material suppliers is reputable. The already established service mechanism provides after-sales service, delivery services, etc.

BOOM DEER is becoming more competitive in manufacturing and marketing solid wood crafts in today's fierce market competition. The seattle furniture is one of the main products of BOOM DEER. BoomDear Wood high-end solid wood furniture is designed by integrating its lens with the housing. The lenses not only gather light but also function as a protector to avoid too much waste of light. This product can retain its rich texture appearance indefinitely with little maintenance. The performance index of this product is in the domestic leading position. It sells well in Nordic Europe, America, Japan and Korea, and other countries.

BOOM DEER is committed to providing high quality Kitchen. Please contact.
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