inside anthony joshua’s humble training base with single bed, worn out sofas, communal bathroom and tub of butter on the hob

by:BoomDear Wood     2019-12-24
Anthony Joshua gave an amazing crib
Humble two-person style Tour
He stayed in Sheffield\'s bedroom while training for the next game.
Britain\'s world heavyweight boxing champion is worth more than £ 35 million, but he lives on the most basic things so he can fully concentrate.
His residence.
Only five minutes from the gym he used in Sheffield.
It includes a master bedroom with single beds, a shabby sofa in the living room and a common bathroom.
The video even shows a bucket of butter sitting on an electric stove rack in a regular kitchen. In an eye-
AJ first welcomed the photographer into his living room/kitchen with a workout recovery chair, TV, basic coffee table and a pair of shabby \"vintage\" sofas.
But the IBF, WBA and WBO champions said: \"Don\'t fix it if it\'s not bad.
\"Joshua\'s daily diet consists of 4,000 to 5,000 calories, and apparently he eats a lot.
When he opened the fridge it was full of B vitamins
It is rich in super malt, coconut juice, green juice and vegetables.
In the real crib style, Joshua takes the camera to the master bedroom, and although the master bedroom has only one single bed, it is difficult for him to adapt.
But in sharp contrast to the MTV show, he said: \"There are not many programs here.
\"Joshua made his debut in the United States in June 1, fighting Jarrell Miller, who grew up on the streets of Watford, and later turned his life from a slight crime to a sporting glory.
When he brought the camera into the suite, he looked out of the window and said, \"I like this room because I can stare at the street.
Make sure everything is OK.
\"When Joshua is ready for the next champion challenger, peace and quiet are important to him.
\"When people come here and see this place, they do want to know why we didn\'t move,\" AJ explained.
\"Because it works, it\'s peaceful, everyone has their own space, the bed to sleep, the food to eat, it can meet the needs of our training.
\"The best part is that two minutes down from the mountain is the gym.
Cars can\'t move any traffic or weather problems, we can walk to the gym.
\"There\'s no reason not to train, so it\'s a perfect place for what we\'re trying to achieve.
\"Joshua\'s Sheffield apartment is in sharp contrast to his London mansion he rented for 20,000 --a-
The week before the previous battle
Instead, it had more in common with the Parliament apartment he had shared with his mom in the past, and then bought it in 2013 for 185,000.
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