if a sofa doesn’t fit, they’ll make it fit

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By J.
Courtney sullivanmay 31,200 7I will receive a call at any time of the evening, \"Shlomi Gal-
Recently, he described the vagaries of his work.
\"There are usually tears. ”Mr. Gal-
Who is called a doctor?
Sofa, has been engaged in sofa disassembly business in New York for six years.
At that time, there was a sharp increase in demand for his services and for the services of other disclaimers.
But he still remembers every case, every play.
\"A woman told me to cry because her sofa was not suitable to go through the front door of her building,\" he said . \".
\"When I got to her place, it was dark and she sat on the sofa in the middle of the sidewalk and cried hysterically.
She jumped up and hugged me and began to shout, \"the Messiah is here!
We got some interesting expressions from people passing.
\"Sofa dismantling has been a trade presence in New York since the end of 1970.
But in the past few years, major furniture vendors such as Pottery Barn, restore hardware, Bloomingdale\'s and Messi have opened more than 94 inch of the length of the sofa and more than 43 inch of the depth, compared with the maximum values of 86 and 36 ten years ago.
The number of urgent needs to help move such large parts has also increased, and the number of businesses that offer this help has also increased.
Michelle McKoy said that the ad \"long sofas are very popular now and they are ideal if you have a McMansion\", a salesperson at the Domain Home furnishings store on East 22 Street, Manhattan.
\"But in this city we are constantly having problems with people buying them and then not being able to get them into the elevator or through the door.
\"Advertising Lady
McKoy said the store\'s sofas are 86 to 97 inch long and 36 to 41 inch deep, an increase of about 5 inch in length and depth over a decade ago.
\"Like most major furniture stores, we are national and our furniture is really suitable for large suburban families,\" she said . \".
Barton binstok, publisher of the business magazine Furniture World, said suburban customers have pushed for a massive sofa invasion.
\"The furniture industry follows the housing trend,\" he said . \"
With the size of American homes expanding in the decade, \"furniture follows closely, with huge sofas and high
Now, the back has become the norm.
Five or ten years ago, the large furniture was limited to the high-end market, he added, \"but now even the moderately priced furniture is large.
As a result, many people
Manual disassembly services have emerged in New York\'s metropolitan area.
Four major furniture service companies-Dr.
A sofa in the Bronx;
Gary furniture services in Queens; M. J. S.
Furniture Services, located in massapico, N. Y. ;
And brother Z, at Thornwood. Y. —
Even though they did not advertise, they all reported the prosperity of the business.
To get any couch into any space, they charge $200 to $400.
Michael Snow, founder of M. , said: \"Customers like us because we make it possible for them to get the big couch they want . \"J. S.
He added that his company received twice as many calls as it did 10 years ago, taking apart an average of six sofas a day, six days a week.
His competitors are also very busy.
Gary furniture has to tear down six sofas a day, a third more job than three years ago;
Brother Z\'s telephone numbers have surged in recent years, with an average of 60 jobs per week; and Dr.
The sofa received almost twice the number of calls three years ago, and more than 2,000 sofas were removed each year.
The disassembly process varies from work to work, but usually the sofa is reversed and the fabric is gently peeled off.
One arm was removed and the other was then removed.
Sometimes it is necessary to remove the back or find a more creative solution.
AD z Brothers recently removed a new 120 back and arm
Inch sofa, it is still not suitable for the elevator;
The workers carried the sofa up the 10-story staircase of the adjacent building, then laid the wooden board on the roof and moved in from it.
These services open the possibility of decoration for those who would otherwise have been able to purchase items only on the basis of door seams: such as a small love seat, or a pair of armchairs.
\"The Decorators came to me and wanted to buy these oversized pieces of furniture for their clients,\" said Victor DiBlase, furniture store at the New York Design Center, and recommended the client to M. J. S. for 15 years.
The service \"recently saved me a lot of sales,\" he said \".
\"I told them not to worry about the size.
I know someone who can get it if you want it.
Beverly Balk, a Manhattan decorator who runs Beverly Balk interior design, bought a 102-inch off-
Two years ago, Oscar de la lunta had round arms on her white linen sofa, her own apartment.
Her Upper West Side building has a small elevator and a narrow corridor so she knows to move this thing into her first floor
The bedroom may be difficult.
\"I have seen the sofa of Oscar delalanta in a performance room . \"Balk said. “I adored it. I was so gung-
I decided to do anything to make it mine.
I will find a way to narrow it down if necessary. ”Ms. Balk called M. J. S.
I heard about it from Mr.
DiBlase said that the sofa disassembly was a revelation for her and gave her the liberation of the profession.
\"Some of the most exciting pieces are simply huge,\" she said . \".
\"I have a very minimalist design approach, and I \'d rather use one or two of the awesome super-big pieces in the room than mess it up with a lot of small things. I now call M. J. S.
Always serving my clients.
Furniture retailers are increasingly recommending disassembly services to customers, and all four of them say most of their work has been moved from the old sofa to the delivery of the new one.
Gary furniture works with Macy\'s and Bloomingdale. J. S.
With crates and barrels, Brother Z and Dr.
Sofa with domain home. Ms.
McKoy estimates that her domain store has sought help from Dr.
The sofa is \"at least twice a week\", about three times as many as she started working there three and a half years ago.
\"You won\'t think it\'s inappropriate unless the deliveryman is standing in your hallway with the sofa,\" Ms. McKoy said.
\"It can be very stressful.
\"Advertising can also be painful, watching someone take apart a beloved antique sofa or a new one worth thousands of dollars.
In fact, the sofa disassemble describes himself as a handyman and crisis manager.
\"I always tell women not to look,\" said Gary Furniture\'s boss, Joe Torres . \".
\"From experience, I know that many of them will collapse if they do.
Julia Cashner, who hired Gary furniture to remove the new sofa, recalled: \"I was barely able to breathe as I watched them move the Sofa pieces up my stairs.
In the end, it looks perfect and as good as the new one, but it\'s very emotional.
Anxiety is not always unfounded.
Although the discharger makes it look easy, \"The technology is very precise,\" says Joe Zeolla.
Master of Brother Z
By the way, the process removes the warranty from most stores and manufacturers. (
If the sofa looks different after recombining, the big four companies guarantee a refund or a new sofa. )
When Catherine Finch moved from her Michigan parents\' home to her Brooklyn apartment, she used a smaller dismounting service that had appeared in recent years and the result was almost disastrous.
\"They charged me $450 and when they finished, the interior decor was messed up and a part of the sofa was buckled,\" she said . \".
\"If it\'s a new sofa, I might lose my mind.
\"Occasionally, accidents occur even in more mature companies. Years ago, Mr.
Zeolla must not open one. White silk sofa
\"Silk is too hard, you can\'t get a drop of water on it,\" he said . \".
Just as he tidied up, his fingers were caught by a staple, bleeding on the fabric.
\"I had to replace a 19-by-26-Inch panel \". Zeolla said.
\"I bought a cloth for $600.
Still, from the rise in demolition work, apartment residents in New York are clearly willing to take the risk of installing oversized sofas into their small spaces.
There are some bigger ones.
\"Even the most luxurious apartment in the city, there are small elevators and door frames . \"Gal-On of Dr. Sofa said.
He quoted racing driver Jeff Gordon as saying that he visited his company twice in the past year to install two different sofas through his fancy-shaped entrance.
\"I told him not to worry, because how did I make money . \"Gal-On said.
\"He just said with a smile, \'This is the same as I make my money.
\"A version of the article appears on the print on page F7 of The New York edition, with the title: If the sofa is not appropriate, they will make it appropriate.
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