How to decorate around a sofa

by:BoomDear Wood     2019-12-23
When one thinks of the lounge, the first thing that comes to mind is the sofa.
It is the main furniture of any living room, so it should be chosen carefully, but it is not the only item that should be considered carefully.
Once you have positioned your sofa, it is time to supplement the suite of your choice with other elements.
According to Anton odendale Rochester, he shared some ideas on how to decorate this main piece of furniture using other key elements: traditionally, consumers have the option to buy 3-2-
But now they can buy a separate suite.
As a result, more and more people buy 2-
The partition sofa is first decorated around it, because it is a more modular and personalized method, more suitable for decorating smaller spaces, allowing for more personalized and easier to put in your pocket, as long as you can afford it, you can collect and add it to the decoration scheme.
It is important to choose the size of the sofa.
Make sure you choose not only for your lounge, but also to complement the shape and size of the room in question.
Take out the tape measure, pen and paper and draw the basic floor plan with the correct size.
Bring this with you when you buy a sofa so you can play with a variety of options and see what works.
The living room is the social center of most families-
This is where we get together with our friends to watch sports matches or hold book club meetings where we can relax with good books or movies or play with the kids.
As a result, it is most important for your lounge to feel welcome.
Odendaal recommends the use of benches, ottoman with pallets on the top, or a nest of smaller tables to handle traditional coffee tables in a more modern way.
But how to do that?
From the beginning of your sofa, everything is placed on the furniture.
First, identify your focus --
Whether it\'s the crackles in the fireplace, the beauty outside, or the TV --
Odendaal said, and then put your sofa in that direction.
Alternatively, place the seats in parallel, facing each other, with the focus on the top or bottom of the seating arrangement.
In any case, it is important to ensure that you create an intimate space and facilitate dialogue.
That may mean pulling your couch off the wall so it\'s not far from your focus, he said.
Most people push the furniture to the wall, but if the wall at the back and back of your sofa is in perfect condition, then it is perfectly OK to give them some breathing space.
This arrangement will make your room look more comfortable and attractive.
Once you have placed the sofa, you should supplement the suite of your choice with other elements to arrange the remaining decorative elements.
It can be an armchair or two chairs or some side tables or an ottoman chair or a light.
No matter what item they are, their location needs as much consideration as your couch.
If you have luxurious space then the side table is a must. Seating-
The main purpose of introducing additional armchairs into the living room is to accommodate guests and to create a simple dialogue space where people can sit and talk at a comfortable distance.
Your seat should be face-to-face, but make sure it\'s not too far or too close to each other.
Ideally you want to leave enough space for people to move around the space easily without feeling cramped, he says, but you also want to create a sense of intimacy, so people don\'t have to shout to hear each other\'s voice. Side tables-
If your living room has luxurious space, then the side tables are essential, says Odendaal, noting that they are ideal places to add side lights for some ambient lighting, or hide some reading material.
It is best to put a side table on both sides of the sofa and one between the two armchairs.
Whether you can accommodate a few side tables or just one side table in the lounge, make sure they are about the same height as your seat arm.
In this way, one can easily access the side table without having to get up or nervous. Coffee table-
If you don\'t have room for a side table, the best option is to sit on a coffee table.
Usually placed in the middle, between all chairs and sofas, the coffee table should ideally be placed about 45 cm from the seat in order to have enough legroom, at the same time, it makes it easy for people to lean down their drinks or remote controls.
Make sure your coffee table is no more than 10 cm or shorter than the mat at the bottom of your seat.
Although the size of the coffee table is different, it should definitely not be longer than your sofa, Odendaal said, he suggested using a bench, an ottoman with a tray on it, or a smaller set of tables to handle traditional coffee tables in a more modern way.
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