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by:BoomDear Wood     2019-12-01
The sofa is one of the furniture we use more often because it is where we sit, rest and even eat.However, since this is a family element that can easily get dirty, we don\'t always give you the cleaning you need.Today, we bring you the best tips for cleaning fabric sofas.
To make it as good as the new one, you have to do a very thorough cleaning.There may be many factors that pollute the sofa, such as dog hair, food falling on the sofa, dust, stains, spilled liquid, etc.If you go to the supermarket to buy a variety of furniture cleaning products, you don\'t even know which one to choose.
However, the reality is that these products can be disappointing because they do not meet expectations and the price can be very expensive.The reason for materials and tools to clean the fabric a large number of factors will stain your sofa, which makes it a perfect nest for accumulating dirt, which can be harmful to our health over time.Therefore, it is very important to clean the fabric sofa in the living room.
Sofa decoration and padding are made of materials that absorb the smell.Therefore, when they spend a lot of time not cleaning, it will bring a bad smell to our home.The sofa when dirty is a breeding ground for mites and other microorganisms, which may be harmful to asthma patients and allergic patients.
Dirty sofas will bring a bad look to your home and/or studio as dirt can make the interior decor dull.In addition, the embedded powder will lose the color of the furniture.So it is essential to clean them.How to clean dirty cloth sofa?Fabric furniture is the easiest to get dirty because the fabric shows more dirt than other types of material, which is why we teach you how to clean the fabric sofa.
First, we must vacuum the sofa.
This action is required at least once a week.We will avoid dirt build up such as dust in this way and the fabric is damaged prematurely.If the fabric is delicate, place the vacuum cleaner in a softer mode to avoid damage.
Across all parts of the sofa, including the armrest and back.If there are stains on the surface, you can clean the furniture with a damp cloth.Most likely, you can remove the stain this way, which will happen in most cases.
It is better to take action immediately after this place appears in order to achieve greater results.When you spill something on the cloth sofa to remove the stain, you have to put a piece of absorbent kitchen paper on the stain to capture the spilled liquid.If the stain contains a lot of grease, we can remove it with water with salt.
Finally, hand over a damp handkerchief with detergent and water so you are finished.Dry Spray is another option to remove stains from cloth armchairs, which is recommended as the use of wet cloth depends on the type of fabric and they may even bleach.The fabric sofa for a long time has the comfort of being drawn, so it can be washed in the washing machine, just like another dress.
But the best thing to do is to look for information before continuing to wash with a washing machine.In fact, sometimes we don\'t have enough time to go to the supermarket to buy the products we need.However, we will show you some tips that will help you clean up the couch, only the products we can get at home.
With alcohol we will need alcohol, a spray bottle where we will place alcohol, a soft brush and a soft sponge or cloth.Using the spray, we spray all the contaminated or dirty areas on the sofa and then use the brush to carve the chair and be careful not to damage it.After the second step, we will continue to pass the sea cotton on the surface of the sofa.
Always top to bottom and after that you will clean up your couch.We recommend that before you use alcohol, if you see it going well, try it in an inconspicuous place on the sofa and continue with the rest.Cleaning dry cloth armchairs dry cleaning is for clothes that we can\'t get wet because we will completely destroy them.
That\'s why we have to read the labels and make sure we have to wash them in the washing machine before we do the laundry, and if not, we will continue dry cleaning.If our sofa needs dry cleaning, we will solve this problem in a homemade way.Dry cleaning from home with a tray, you should pour some cold water mixed with mild soap.
Drown out clothes with problems, repeat the process you should remove it and place it again.In the same tray, rinse the clothes with cold water.You will finish it by inserting it and taking it out later.
You will pour the soft agent you like into the water of the rinse clothes, only half a cup.Remove the clothes from the water and lay them on a towel.You should roll it up and don\'t screw it until you finally get the moisture out of your clothes.
Dry it in the shade.
If your fabric is very delicate, you have to put it on a flat surface.Very dirty sofa decor clean. In order to start cleaning the most superficial furniture or just a stain, the first thing you should do is vacuum directly on the stain.The vacuum contains a tube that is perfectly suited to the tube;This instrument is specially used for furniture.
The equipment is used to absorb dirt and other debris found in the dust interior decoration.This will be the first action to take when we start cleaning up the couch.Before sweeping the mop, it is best to sweep the floor first.
Do this at least once a month.
You can mix the products that clean the sofa together, because for reasons that have been explained, you may buy the products because it is not the best idea.We will prepare this mixture using liquid soap without metaphor and water.Mix everything with a blender so that the surface is covered with foam and white.
In this way, we can clean the sofa effectively without using other more aggressive cleaning products.For the application of the solution, we have to use a sponge or a soft brush, preferably everything is clean.If we use other cloth, we will scratch the surface of the furniture.
When we apply, we do this by looping up and down, thus avoiding splashes or spills on previously cleaned areas.It is not advisable to leave a lot of foam on the sofa, because this may make the sofa unsightly.If this is the case, it is recommended to collect excess foam using a plastic spatula.
A rag soaked in cold water, we clarified the surface.We made the sofa dry.If the stain appears recently, it is better to act quickly so that it is not difficult to clean
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