from fashion to home and accessories: do up your home in collections by these renowned designers

by:BoomDear Wood     2019-12-19
Mithila Mehta spoke with fashion designers who entered the field of home interiors and accessories, a trend led by the largest Indian and international brands, and we are seeing more and more, fashion designers no longer just design fashion clothes, but take on accessories, home decorations, furniture, car interiors, etc.
Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, who have expanded into the interior design space, tell us, \"there is no boundary for any artist.
Creativity is free to flow, and it spills into new media before it finds a new expression.
As individuals, we believe in a good life, whether through fashion, interior design, architecture, art, jewelry, food or travel \".
Neeta Lulla agreed, \"it is attractive to me to diversify and expand the ability to innovate into the lifestyle area.
I have worked in fashion choreography, film, jewelry design and travel bags.
Now, it is a wonderful experience to be able to extend to the designer\'s bedding, especially the bride dowry \".
Giorgio Armani home offers furniture and furniture to create the classic style of the brand
Minimum line of monochrome hue
As well as customized creative decoration solutions.
Now, they have also boldly designed hotels and luxury residential areas.
At the same time, Hermes effortlessly combines aristocratic design with modern style, bringing a unique design style to various oil paintings including clothing, accessories and home decoration.
Known for its iconic style of knitted and printed fabrics, Missoni brings the same vivid design to home accessories, while Roberto Cavalli\'s home decor collection-
Furniture, cutlery, linens, luxury tiles, carpets, wallpaper and glassware-
This is a reflection of his love for bold colors, exotic bright prints and ethereal silhouettes.
Gucci, on the other hand, works with Italian car companies
Fiat, a limited edition manufacturer of the Fiat 500 model.
Closer to home, fashion designers have begun a similar creative leap.
What better way to finish your outfit, including a bag, minaudière, belt or scarf, which was designed by a designer who recently launched a range of fashion accessories shares, \"accessories add to the beauty, convenience and effectiveness of clothing and are an important part of dress up.
Create a new line
Bag, clutch and wallet
Gave the design studio a new dimension and accessories, gave me a 3D area of the experiment \".
Still, the design accessories have their own challenges.
\"The creative process of design may be similar for clothing and accessories, but the execution is different.
In terms of accessories, one must consider the updated material --
There are cloth, leather and metal in the bag only, all of which need to be designed and assembled together.
\"In addition, embossed and embroidery are a feature of our leather collection and a highly skilled practice,\" Ritu told us . \".
In order to satisfy the creative expression, fashion is increasingly turning to home decoration.
The haircut of JJ Valaya-
The edge, but the classic home decor collection boasts furniture, furniture, and home accessories that emphasize a custom design.
Sabyasachi\'s design concept \"personalized defects of human hands\" also appeared in his home decoration design.
From vintage clocks to fine porcelain and brightly colored interiors, this collection is vibrant.
SP Home is launched with the label of Satya Paul and is designed to decorate your Home.
Nikhil Mehra, Chief Operating Officer of Genesis luxury, said, \"creativity cannot be limited.
Design is now becoming more seamless.
Whether it\'s fashion or interior design, it\'s a casual and artistic way of self-expression.
People pay great attention to the theme, key elements and color stories \"when designing \".
Whether it\'s fashion or home design, it\'s a visual problem.
At the same time, the focus on features is much larger.
Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla explained, \"We work closely with our customers to understand their lifestyle, personality and spirit.
Space, products, or furniture needs to function like everyday life, which is why creating this is more challenging than a single garment.
Whether it\'s fashion or interior design, we don\'t believe in just creating something popular;
It should always be stylish and beautiful \".
\"We are passionate about design --
We don\'t define anything.
The definition limits us.
We would like to explore more projects including boutique hotels, airports, museums, product designs, furniture and cutlery
The list is unlimited!
Abu Ghani signed a contract with Sandip Khosla.
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