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Carol Lawson Ogg
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Bernard and Alan Maisen have taken what some traditionalists might call a reverse-gear decoration approach.
Not from the public space of Manhattan apartments.
Living room and dining room-
They put their attention into private space.
Kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Mr.
Marson said his motherin-
No impression of the law.
She walked into the living room and asked, \"Why don\'t you buy furniture ? \"\' \'\' he said.
\"She thinks I\'m tormenting her daughter.
\"Furniture has never been a priority for the Maisen family.
When they moved in
In 1982, they bought a new sofa or table with a young son and a baby in the west of Central Park, which was the last thing they thought. It still is.
From the beginning, the Maisen family saw their apartment as the center of family life, not as a furniture museum for the company\'s use.
They want to create a home that comfortably and efficiently meets the daily needs of busy young families.
The living room borders with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Central Park Reservoir and Fifth Avenue skyline, ahead of schedule
Wife\'s wedding furniture
Marson doesn\'t mind saying \"the fallen apartment\": a torn straw chair and a coffee table with a big crack hidden under the pot.
There is a cheap table for Mr in the restaurant.
The age of Bachelor in Mason
\"Most people buy a house and decorate the living room immediately . \"
Marson, professor of Spanish and literature, John Jay College of Criminal Justice.
That\'s what we didn\'t do.
\"We are pragmatic people and we put money into what we use,\" he said . \"
Marson is an architect whose design is included in addition to the hotel in Gurney, a resort in L MontaukI.
\"Different people have different ideas about what is important,\" he added . \".
\"In a city where space is not enough, few of us really need a formal living room.
People think they should have it or should have it, but the living room is often covered in plastic and never used.
\"The first priority for the Maisen couple was the kitchen, which they removed and redecorated.
The kitchen is the center of our family life, he said.
Marson designed the new kitchen and all the other renovations in the apartment.
The whole apartment was ruined when we moved in.
But we had limited money and couldn\'t do everything right away, so we decided that the kitchen was the most important thing for us. \'\'Mr.
Marson described the original kitchen as two dark rooms, a pantry and a small cooking area.
He tore down the walls and turned the kitchen into a bright big room where the family had dinner.
He packed the kitchen.
And the bedroom a few years later-with custom-Design, construction-
In cabinets that offer huge storage space.
There is a lot of useful furniture in each room, but there is no messy furniture.
\"I\'m a little minimalist and I like the neat and clean look,\" said Mr. Marson said.
Every time they start renovating their rooms, the Maisen said, they spend a lot of time thinking about how they live and what they really need.
So there\'s a built in kitchen
On the bookcase and spice rack, there is also a built-in
In the washer and dryer.
Besides, a wall is the floor. to-
The ceiling bulletin board was filled with children\'s attempts at art.
In 1985, the masons chose their son Alexander\'s room as another renovation project.
\"He is 6 years old and in the first grade, we need to organize him urgently,\" he said. Marson said.
\"He has a lot of work at school and he needs a table and a shelf.
The ad Alexander got was a built in work/playroom
Gray cabinet on top of white Fumika.
In addition to the drawer of the clothes, he also has a drawer for cassette tapes and electronic equipment.
In addition, the room includes a bookshelf with a work desk, books and school supplies, and a built-in
Games, toys, musical instruments and ski equipment can be placed in the rolling bed and wardrobe.
At 1987, the Maisen couple put some money into the living room for the first time.
They decided it was time to open the bookcases they had been sitting there since they moved in, so they put bookshelves on the wall.
In addition, they installed the lighting and replaced the ceiling shape.
They also bought a baby grand piano for the living room.
\"Music is an important part of our lives . \"Marson said.
She plays the piano with her 7-year-old daughter Eve.
Last year, the mathesen couple renovated both their bedroom and Eve\'s bedroom.
They call them study/bedroom.
They installed a huge system of wood cabinets and drawers, which are also made of ashes with artificial stone countertops.
There is a long building in an area
There is a drawer on the table full of family documents.
The other one is customized. made built-
Cabinet with TV, sound and small fridge space.
There is also a small closet in the room, which has nothing but a family photo album.
Also, sir.
Marson moved a wall of the entrance to the bedroom to expand his wife\'s closet with special compartments for jewelry, sweaters, handbags and shoes.
In Eve\'s room.
Marson expands the wardrobe by moving the walls and introducing part of the deep hall closet.
Her room is very similar to her brother\'s.
In the closet and toys.
Still, competition between brothers and sisters has surfaced.
\"Her brother had his own bathroom, but Eve didn\'t ,\"Marson said. Mr. advertising
Marson\'s response was to renovate a bathroom in the hallway so his daughter\'s bedroom would be accessible.
Considering all the needs and comfort of his daughter, he installed a reading light on the ceiling above her bathtub.
As for the living room, madam.
When she had a company, Marson said, she didn\'t think twice about bare walls and old furniture.
\"I bought a lot of candles and flowers to make the space look beautiful,\" she said . \".
\"We brought chairs from the kitchen. \'\' Mrs.
Marson said the experience of decorating the apartment gave her a lot of insight into her husband\'s career.
\"When we moved in, I didn\'t know I could have a place to put shoes or I could move the wall,\" she said . \".
\"I don\'t know, you can have anything you want when you work with an architect.
\"A version of this article appears on page C00001, country edition, August 17, 1989, with the title: home decor: The last living room.
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