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by:BoomDear Wood     2019-12-27
When someone tries to decorate their interior, the most attractive room in any renovation or renovation project is your living room.
If all your rooms are girls then all your rooms are just maids
The living room is a bride in a beautiful wedding dress (the sofa)
Perfectly Madeup face (the walls)
, Painted red lips with Berry and beet extracts (Accent wall)
Prominent cheekbones with Rouge (wall-paintings)
The eyes are very beautiful with Cole\'s edge (add-
On furniture unit)
And maybe the folding fan of Japan (
Other exhibition pieces)
To fight the heat of all this.
Clothing and clothing.
We mean, the attention in your living room itself is the attention that the bride chewed on the day of the wedding.
What makes the most fuss about every bride at the wedding is her wedding dress.
Nothing would be perfect if it were not perfect.
No matter how much the Buddha said, \"the greatest wisdom is to see through the appearance . \"
When he said, \"appearance rules the world,
So we see that every renovation project has most of the budget for the furniture unit, the furniture unit for the living roome.
Sofa, side-
Table, center table, add-
On the seat solution, for example, it may be the wing.
Back or recliner or pouffes, easily shake the priority leaderboard. But enough.
Chat, let\'s talk about one of the most important, the dominant in all furniture units --the sofa.
Sofas, often referred to as sofas or Davenport, mark the migration of humans from a \"packed and transferred\" lifestyle that reminds people of the early days of nomadic times.
This bold piece of furniture comes with the backRest and arm-rest structure.
Now, these are the symbols that come down in life.
While sofas are now a common but prominent feature of most families, they are still a sign of luxury in our lives.
So we need to think about something when buying a sofa.
Anatomical features 1: There are usually two main manufacturing styles for the material sofa
We can see the wooden sofa and the fabric cushion sofa.
Wooden sofas are usually made of hard wood like Sheesham, teak and mango.
There is a direct correlation between the quality of the wood used and the service life of the sofa.
The stronger the wood used, the better the life of the sofa.
Even the fabric cushion sofa set is designed with a wooden frame that keeps the interior decoration in place and provides the necessary strength for the sofa.
The concept of interior decoration dates back to the 18 th century.
Century BCE, when those gifted Egyptians decorated their Pharaoh\'s tombs for comfort, and designated fabric materials for the work, preserved for more than a thousand years.
Of course, your sofa decoration is not made by the Egyptians themselves, so it may not live for more than a century or even for such a long time, as long as you take care of your couch in a better way than care
Routine treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder patients.
It is important that not all fabrics can be used to decorate the sofa.
Fabric must be dyed-
Resistant, durable, and must reduce the degree of fading.
There are many kinds of fabrics used as sofa covers, and there are many kinds --
Depends on the quality you pursue.
However, some fabrics can be classified as ordinary materials for sofa decoration.
It includes leather, faux leather, vinyl, microfiber, textured cotton, cotton polyester and sometimes nylon.
Anatomical feature 2: The design of the sofa becomes rich and diverse with the advancement of technology.
The finer things in life are appreciated, as are the mesh filaments, flowers, and geometric designs in wooden sofa frames.
The complex design derived from a flashy French Baroque architectural style under Louis XVI has never stopped to surprise us.
Rococo design, or their low profile design-
The neo-classical design influenced by the Etruscan period, derived from the streamlined Greek architecture, gave us awe.
There are many designs, from mediocrity to excellence.
In the carving of the sofa, you can still see the cultural inspiration and influence of King Joel.
When it comes to fabric cushion sofa, we are concerned with Chesterfield, tufted, color of fabric, printing and weaving.
Design of wooden frame of sofa-the roll-
The arms, racks, storage boxes under the seat are the designs to steal the show.
Anatomical features 3: There are usually three main dimensions in the design of the SizeSofa set.
From one seat to three, or a trade between these two seats --
A pair of sofas are common around the house.
Choose any specific sofa set design depending on the availability of the space and the practicality of the design.
Anatomy 4: Age of evolution
Old furniture, keep yourself in line with the tryst of the times and always
Change, whimsical sometimes, the needs of society can only be done by modifying the design according to the needs of users.
The sofa we saw today is not only beautiful furniture in the living room, but it is beautiful to sit down and look.
These have evolved into sofas-cum-beds.
These scalable sofas are just the first insight into the real potential of the couch.
They have a lot.
What are their utilitarian aspects and their aspects?
Pocket and storage box under seat.
So we see that today\'s bride is not happy to be the most beautiful person at the party.
They deal with all the arrangements and rule the world like the Queen.
Queen\'s sofa set (
Or should we say the king? )
The interior of your living room has undergone a major shift and is still the most in-
Demand for all furniture units
Better than now.
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