could your gran\'s old sideboard, sofa or dining table be worth thousands? sixties and seventies furniture is making a comeback - and its value is rocketing

by:BoomDear Wood     2019-12-31
They say that if you wait long enough, your old clothes will pop up again.
This is exactly what seems to have happened with certain furniture, and sideboards, sofas and tables were very popular in the 1960 s and 1970 s and staged a revival.
According to experts, they include original designer sideboards that would have been available for hundreds of pounds in a day, and if they had the right designer name, they can now
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Due to the popular trend, the factory products may get considerable income.
Stacey Sibley of interior designer Alexander James suggests that if you want to sell such a work, look for labels because anything made by a Danish or Italian designer can go up 8,000
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It is planned to be particularly popular in the 1960 s and 1970 s.
At the same time, the original leather modular sofa in good condition can sell for nearly 5,000, and the original extended table can also set you back thousands.
The Mail online property shows here the items that your grandma might have that could be worth a lot of money. . .
The original sideboard is rectangular with corner legs and is the most popular
Somewhere on the furniture, after making a distinction between commercial stamps or plaques --
Usually on the back, inside the drawer, or under the top drawer.
MS Sibley said: \"We can all recall that when we were in our 70 s, we saw the G plan cabinet in the lounge of our parents or grandparents, sitting on top of the lovely orange and brown pattern is a lava lamp.
It has a smooth rectangular shape and has angular legs on the walnut, usually hiding the cocktail bar in the cupboard door.
What we do not know is that these works will become popular again and are of considerable value.
\"On ebay and other websites, the original furniture often leads to bidding wars.
She said: \"You can see a copy of these Danish-designed cabinets everywhere, but its location is to have the original, so be prepared for a bidding war that will set you back thousands of people.
She went on to suggest: \"If your grandmother still wants to keep her child, it may be worth a look.
\"It\'s not just about the names of those designers, even if you have a more basic piece.
MS Sibley suggests that you can still make money in the current climate.
The furniture can include sideboards and cabinets, as well as old dining room furniture that used to look outdated but is now very cool.
Companies like the old cinema sell a lot of antiques, even recycled, so if you\'re good at painting, you can make a good old decoration and earn a few more pounds, she explains.
The popularity of this furniture seems to be due to their retro modern style, the sideboard made of cherry or walnut wood brings \"warmth\" to the room, especially popular.
These cabinets also provide a good storage solution that can be used as a TV cabinet with a wiring cut on the back.
More expensive versions currently sold through old cinemas-
Cinema showroom for antique furniture and household goods-
Including the long fold I wrote. B. Kofod-
C. Larsen, Denmark
1960, 800.
A cheaper version is Lucy Turner\'s Bermuda Bird Sideboard for £ 1,295.
Sam Knight of the old cinema said: \"If 1960 and 1970 of items are in good condition and have labels from specific designers, they can maintain their value.
\"But they do need to be at their best, so grandma needs to take care of it.
He explained the revival of furniture from the 1960 and 1970 generations, saying how people were looking for lasting \"good old-fashioned quality.
Other places to pick vintage 1960 sideboard cabinets, cabinets and sofas include the auction site eBay, the site Etsy, and it is also worth looking for a second one locally
Expert in handmade furniture
If you want to buy a few pieces at a favorable price, one suggestion is to post a notice on a local board in a store or online and provide old furniture for collecting people and taking it away for free.
Some people may be happy to throw away the old stuff.
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