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by:BoomDear Wood     2019-12-28
If you want to decorate your garden before the summer, then you may want to go to Asda, where there is a lot of garden furniture and toys for sale.
Items included in the sale include corner sofas, tables and chair sets, and even swings.
Of course, it is not necessarily possible to make a deal just because something is being sold.
For example, we found a cheap 10ft trampoline somewhere else.
Therefore, compare prices before purchasing using Google Shopping or similar online price tools.
Also make sure you check the delivery fee-
The standard delivery time is 2.
Although you can click and collect from Asda store for free.
It\'s not clear if the sales are in the store as well, so you might want to check out your local store.
Find the nearest store using Asda\'s store location tool. We\'ve rounded-
Some of the best items are listed below.
This corner sofa and footrest features a black rattan with removable charcoal
Color mat.
The size of the sofa is 213 cm x 146 cm x 63 cm and the stool is 64. 5cm x 64. 5cm x 30cm -
But please note that you have to assemble it yourself.
This is not the cheapest corner sofa as Aldi is sold for £ 199, 50 less. 99.
But it\'s cheaper than Argos, which sells similar products for £ 370.
This garden furniture includes a coffee table, a sofa and two chairs, all with rattan strips with a strip rack.
The size of the table is 42 cm x 75 cm x 48 cm and the size of the sofa is 78. 5cm x 107.
5 cm x 62 cm, 78 chairs each. 5cm x 60. 5cm x 62cm.
Again, you need to assemble them yourself.
This is the cheapest we can find-
It was even sold for 229. 89 on eBay.
Similar packages cost £. 99 at Wayfair.
Use this UFO swing for kids aged three to eight to entertain kids for hours.
Swings can withstand the weight of children up to 45 kg and are measured at a speed of 180 cm x 202 cm x 172 cm.
It\'s a good deal, like a swing of a similar size, which requires a weight of £ 80 and £ 71 in Argos. 99 at Very.
Burned half of the charcoal.
The drum grill is ideal for 20 people to cook, and it includes a grill that will keep your burger cooked.
Make sure it suits your garden before you snap up-
It measures 100 cm x 69 cm x 90 cm.
This is the cheapest barbecue of this size we can find online, although it is followed by argos\'s charcoal barrel barbecue for £ 40.
If barbecue is your business then Aldi sells a fire pit for your garden, which can be doubled as a barbecue for £ 59. 99.
Argos also has a fire pit that can be used as a barbecue-£ 5 cheaper than Aldi.
A bit different, Aldi also sells barbecue smokers charcoal grills so you can cook American meatstyle.
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