aldi boosts its garden furniture range to include wooden sofa sets and sun loungers

by:BoomDear Wood     2019-12-09
Sun admirers can now equip their gardens at a lower price with Aldi\'s new outdoor furniture collection --
The price starts at £ 20.
Discount stores sell wooden sun loungers and even a set of sofas, which are on shelves today as part of its latest special range.
Our selection includes wooden recliner under £ 50 and mosaic Bistro Garden tables below £ 70.
On the surface, the deals sound great, but we looked at them carefully and found that some of them were not as good as they looked.
Of course, you need to buy quickly, because like all professional purchases, the inventory is limited and the inventory is different between stores, only some can be ordered online.
If you do purchase them through the website, you will need to consider shipping costs up to 3.
Any savings you have will be eaten.
The following are the minimum expectations for the Aldi garden furniture collection: in stores only-
This stylish sun lounger is made of acacia wood with three backrest settings.
The liner is made of materials that are easy to wipe clean
But you need to build your own seats.
We looked online and found that this is not the best price for this type of sunlounger.
B & Q reduced the price of wooden sun loungers from £ 43 to £ 22
This is better than half of Aldi\'s price.
Available in stores and online-
Buy this set of tables and chairs now and bring a Mediterranean feel to your garden all summer, both blue and creamy.
It is made of iron, so you will need to take out a cover separately to protect it from the worst weather in the UK.
If you want a basic two-seat set, then you can actually save £ 35 on Argos tables and chairs, but it\'s normal and not half as beautiful. Online only -
Buy this huge wooden garden sofa now, large enough to accommodate four people with two side tables and a separate table for you to sit on for drinks and eat.
This is exclusive online so you won\'t find it in the nearest store.
It is made of acacia wood and steel, and Aldi promises it means it is built for sustainability, but it is also recommended that you use the lid
It\'s not included in the set-
Protect it from the worst weather
This set of Aldi is very cheap as the next cheapest wooden set we can find is from Argos for 350 although it can accommodate two other people.
In stores and online
When you relax on your recliner, do you need a break now?
Aldi has prepared sun umbrellas of three different colors
White, black and green.
This is not the cheapest, though.
Wilco lowered its two-meter-high parasol from £ 25 for £ 20. In store -
Do you need a table now so you can dine outdoors?
There are six people around Aldi\'s wooden garden table.
You need to put it together yourself, and it\'s also worth noting that it doesn\'t have a hole to get the parasol through.
A similar table will take you back 155 from Homebase, so you will save 100 for shopping in Aldi. In store -
Buy it now, so you already have a table, but now you need something to sit around the table.
The wooden chair in Aldi is foldable and costs £ 19. 99 each.
There is a green Polyester mat for each chair, but you also need to put them together yourself.
Ikea reserves a wooden chair for children under 99 p-
It\'s not a huge savings, but the more you buy, the more it all goes.
The supermarket also sells barbecue smokers charcoal grills as part of the package so you can cook American meatstyle.
Shoppers are also crazy about its outdoor log burner for £ 59. 99.
In addition, the cheap supermarket sells a much cheaper cat Big Green Egg bbq, which usually costs more than 1,000.
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