a potty idea? mother\'s toilet training hack goes viral after she created a \'wee-proof\' zone by covering the entire floor and sofa in incontinence pads

by:BoomDear Wood     2019-12-24
A mother\'s clever and thorough approach to potty training has gone viral after she covered her entire floor and sofa with a no-ban pad. First-
Shona McLoughlin, a 31-year-old mother from Preston, Lancashire, received the \"fearless\" task of potty training --month-
Last week, old daughter Irene Rose
Shona and her 31-year-old partner Edward are determined to limit the consequences of any inevitable \"accident\"
Proof area of their home.
Mom and Dad sealed the living room with a baby door and used 20 oversized Super
Then put Erin\'s potty in the middle of the training area.
Family photographer Shona said: \"It\'s very daunting to have the potty training for the first time.
\"I don\'t know what I\'m doing or what I\'m expecting.
I just saw some minor accidents happening almost everywhere.
\"To be honest, we just thought it was a normal thing to cover the floor in the first few days to protect it.
\"We thought it would be easier to put down the mat to save me from scrubbing the floor all the time.
I have fibromyalgia, so it would be painful to bend over all the time to clean up any accidents.
It\'s easier for me.
\"Our wooden floors are still relatively new, and we try to make the House Beautiful.
You just want to protect it and reduce the risk of any damage.
\"I laughed once I put them all down, and it looked ridiculous.
After putting pictures of funny scenes
On social media, 28,000 people in Shona shared the article and received an overwhelming response.
She said: \"I posted the photos to a parenting group where I was, and they all encouraged me to transfer the photos to the public so they could share them.
\"I think the 300 likes in the group are crazy.
I am satisfied with all the comments.
I didn\'t expect what would happen to my post on my page.
In addition to the people who shared her post, Shona was overwhelmed by comments and support messages from other parents.
The mother said the reaction of \"listening\" shows that all parents are still learning.
\"A lot of people thank me for my\" smart \"thoughts and laughs, showing the honest side of parenting,\" said Shona.
\"So many parents come forward and hope they can think of the idea, just like throwing a carpet.
The top of the car seat also has good cushions.
My friends all thought it was funny, just the normal \"Crazy Thing\" Shona did \".
\"People call me genius and say they want to do the same, or they will do the same then.
Others have said that I should sell a signed note on eBay or write a blog or book.
I don\'t think I have seen any unpleasant comments so far.
Therefore, many people can feel the arduous task of toilet training for the first time.
It was moving to see so many parents from all over the world come together to help and support each other.
\"I have received a lot of information from people who have provided a lot of great advice.
This shows that we are all just people, still learning.
\"Mom picked up 25 queen bed disembarkation mats for only 7, so this unusual approach is definitely frugal --
And it looks very effective.
Irene\'s potty training went very well, with only two or three easy to clean up accidents and no permanent damage to the floor or furniture during the week.
Shona is almost ready to take on the challenge of getting Erin to use the toilet while walking out.
Shona said: \"It turns out that toilet training is not as bad as I thought.
So far, we have only had two or three accidents.
\"We don\'t know how long it will take for her to go to the toilet, but she is amazing.
She almost got it in just a week.
\"We tried to make her as happy as possible and we would never tell her if she really had a whoopsie.
She picked her own potty and she liked to choose which color of shorts she wanted to wear.
\"Shona knew Erin was ready to start potty training when she started telling her that something was wrong with her diaper and asked her to change her clothes.
Shona added: \"She always shows interest when I go to the toilet and ask what I\'m doing.
So I need to explain it to her.
\"I think we are lucky because Irene speaks very well and always wants to learn.
\"In the first few days we were naked from below the waist and put her on the potty every 20 minutes.
\"One time we noticed a pattern when we only put her on the potty.
Put a small table in front of her each time so she can sit down and do the puzzle.
We will cheer for her when she leaves, she likes this kind of attention and applauds herself.
\"She really likes to get involved, so she will clean herself up later, and then take the things in the potty to the\" big Manor \"and pour them out.
\"Her reward is to wash your hands and wash your hands, which she likes.
\"She was clicked very quickly and she can now tell us when she needs to go so we will take her to the toilet.
Erin\'s still pulling-
Ups overnight and Shona do not intend to undergo night training before Erin gets older.
She added: \"I don\'t think I want to bother her too much at night when I take her to the toilet.
However, she asked that the first thing in the morning was to go to the toilet and it looked dry so we would see.
\"My next challenge is to go out.
I can imagine walking around like a ninja turtle with training seats tied to my back and pushing my stroller.
\"There is no child friendly toilet in many places and I can only see her fall into the public toilet.
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