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by:BoomDear Wood     2019-12-21
01/76 steps to create a comfortable living room in the home, living area or reception room is one of the busiest rooms.
This is also the room that guests initially saw and made a lasting impression of the home.
So the living area should be goodVery well decorated
Arrange and invite to guests and family.
It should show a friendly, comfortable and elegant image.
Decorate your home, especially your living area, to combine your creativity, elegance and good taste.
Make the most of the space, accessories and furniture you can use to create a cozy, relaxed, warm and elegant living area. (
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02/76 steps to create a comfortable living room window care: Are your curtains larger than yours?
Maybe it\'s time to change.
If you want to reduce your roomor more —
Formal, window treatments can do this.
Browse through catalogues and magazines, look for window treatments that you like, and make them yourself.
What you need is probably a cheap fabric that covers the new curtain rod.
Don\'t forget to treat the sheets and even your old dupattas as Windows.
They are cheap and you can easily find something to complement your decor. (
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03/76 steps to create comfortable living room fixtures and lighting: the overall lighting sets the atmosphere for any room.
Step back and review the lights in your living room.
Most seats should have light provided by lights or overhead fixtures.
Look at your lampshade when you look.
Are they complementary?
Buying a new lampshade is a quick and cheap way to update the lights.
If you have a house
Plants, consider adding flashing lights.
When used separately, these lights add warm, soft light and emphasize the light at any time. (
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04/76 steps to create a comfortable living room color: color has a psychological impact on people and their emotions.
When using the color in your living area, the color will intimidate, invite or stimulate you.
If you want to make your living area warm and pleasant, then use bright orange, yellow or green.
There are several shades of green, one of the most flexible colors around.
The red carpet can match the orange sofa.
No matter what color you choose for the wall, make sure the carpet and furniture are aligned. (
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05/76 steps to create comfortable living room photos and artwork: try to break the monotony of books on the shelf by placing photos on the shelf, or putting photos on the easel for display.
You can also slide the picture under the glass desktop.
Picture ledge (
Narrow shelf specially made for pictures)
A great place to showcase a variety of art-
It prevents you from covering the wall with nail holes.
Consider grouping pieces together for one eye
Capture focus. (
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06/76 steps to create a comfortable living room to rearrange the furniture: your lifestyle or taste determines the focus of your living area.
If you have a piano, this is the focus of your living area and your furniture can be placed around it.
When rearranging furniture, traffic in the residential area should also be considered.
Is your furniture arrangement allowed to move and flow freely?
Does it look neat? (
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07/76 steps to create a comfortable living room carpet and carpet: carpet or area carpet can be an easy way to mark the living room talk area.
Extra decorative theater where you can angle the carpet.
Brown floor with dark chocolate carpet looks good.
You can also add a comfortable throw on the sofa to make almost any piece of furniture look like a great place to curl up. (
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